News at Panjarpol Organisation

Here you can find the latest and important news from the daily news paper (mostly in Marathi language) about our organisation.

News in Aug 2012

The Panjarpol Sanstha, Shahupuri, Kolhapur was on the headlines of city news explaining their work to the city and seeking the help in forms of donation.

News of kindness in Panjarpol Organisation

The doctors at dispensary in Panjarpol Sanstha has given a life to a Eagle that was struggling for life. This Eagle was found by locals and admitted here and cured for free.

Doctors have operated and cured every illness and injury at organisation

Image of Burnt cow cured at our Organisation.

Image of Dr. Indulkar treating a cow.

Jainacharya Shreemad Budhisagar Surishwaji Maharaja Jivdaya Pravesh Dwar. This donation was made by Shree Mahudi Jain Swe. Mu. Trust, Mahudi, Taluka - Mansa, District - Ganghinagar.(Gujrat)

Donation work and respective marble name board of Shree HongKong Jain Sangh, HongKong.

News on 20th April 2013

The team of doctors at Shree Panjarpol sanstha has been successful in removing unwanted metals, plastic & garbage from stomach of a cow and saving her life. These all thing were eaten by cow from the muncipal dustbins placed over the city. Such near about 250 cows have been treated by the despensary till now.

Below is the image of the doctors operating the cow to remove garbage wastes esp. plastic and metals from her stomach.

Image of the metal contents removed from cows intestine were including pins, chains, nails, blades, etc.

Images of various creatures cured at organisation.

Shree Panjarpol sanstha has always welcomed every creature for food, shelter and cure. here are various images of various creatures cured at organisation.

Image of Owl

Dr. Bagal holding Kingfisher

Image of Fox

Shree Jain Center on Southern California`s Marble Name Board with respect to there donation.

Warehouse construction completed with the donation help of Shree HongKong Jain Sangh, HongKong. There name written on the building as donar.


Your donations help us serve cattles better. Any donation offered to the organisation is utilised to take care of wounded, ill, sick cattles and other animals. Also to run a veterinary dispensary and work against the spread of disease among the cattle.