Facilities at organization:

In our organisation we perform various activities as facilities.
Organization has provided various facilities to take care and serve cattleā€™s wisely. The facilities available here at our organization are stated below, which are provided for free.

1. Eight full equipped cattle Shed`s.
Electricity, Food Serving, Water serving, Good Drainage system, Good Ventilation with Fresh Air with electric fans, Light with big windows and electric tubes, Floor, etc.

2. A Veterinary Dispensary with all essential technologies and medicines.
A Veterinary Dispensary is equiped with all essential technologies and medicines, essential Dispensary tools & Equipments, Crane to lift cattle`s if needed.

3. Three fulltime Doctors for routine health checkups and medication of all cattle`s.
We at organisations Dispensary have three fulltime doctors available for treatment, cure & care of cattle`s and other animals.

4. Filtered drinking water for cattle`s.
At our organisation we have filtered drinking water for cattle`s, Fillters are applied to the taps that pour water in tanks which in result provides filtered, clean water for cattle`s.

5. Daily cattle feed like green grass, dry grass, straw, fodder, etc.
We feed the cattle`s at our organisation with green grass, dry grass, straw, fodder, etc. The average expenditure over the feed for a month is Rs. 1 Lacs of which 125 bags(Each of 35 KG) are served. Other than this daily Rs. 15,000 are spent on grass/straw/etc i.e. 7,000 Pendi(Bunch of grass is called a Pendi in Marathi) daily.

6. Two big sturdy, long-lasting warehouses for storage of cattle feeds listed above.
Two big sturdy, long-lasting warehouses for storage of capacity to store two truck fodder and average 6,00,000 pendi of grass. These warehouses are big, dry, with good ventilation and proper on time cleaning prevent it from insects, ants, etc.

7. Lord Shree Krushna`s temple in organizations premises for holiness, purity of environment.
Lord Shree Krushna`s temple in organizations premises was built in 2002. This temple has a statue of Lord Shree Krushna. The funding to construct this temple was provided by a kind person named, Mr. Nagarshet Zavar. The enchanting and songs coming from temple make the environment pure, peacefull and fill it with holiness.

8. Fertilizer production plant in organization.
This plant supplies nearabout 300 Tons of bio-fertilizer per month. Which is available for sale with rate of 600/Ton. This kind of fertilizer is most preferred by the local farmers and is also suggested by the agricultural experts.

9. Go-Mutra Supply.
Go-Mutra is the urine of cow, which has been proved to be having good medicinal power to cure many dieses. Many local doctors suggest patients to have it in limited proportion. Besides medical use it is also used in many holy functions in Hindu religion. There is great demand of Go-Mutra especially from our organisation.


Your donations help us serve cattles better. Any donation offered to the organisation is utilised to take care of wounded, ill, sick cattles and other animals. Also to run a veterinary dispensary and work against the spread of disease among the cattle.