Organisation is looking after near about 400 cattles.
Amongst which there are Cows, Buffalows, Oxes, sheeps, etc.
Of all this Milch cattles are just 20.
More than 1,500 to 2,000 animals get treatment from our dispensary in one year most of which is done for free.

Here are images of few cattle`s at Panjarpol Organisation

A rare picture of a calf(Baby of cow) drinking milk from a horse.

Cattle`s heading back to there places after a free roam.

Cattle`s having their meal.

Image of strong male Buffalo at organisation.

An old picture of our famous Ox.

Cattles roaming around till there places(sheds) get cleaned.

All the cattle`s back on their places without any instructions to them after the cleaning.

Cattle`s Chart

Cattel Type Number of Cattles
Gai (Cow) 130
Kalwad 80
Ox (Bail) 12
Khond 48
Valu 1
Reda 20
Buffalo (Mhais) 45
Redya 24
Ghode (Horse) 2
Bakri (Sheeps) 1
Daily injured admitted cattle`s 4 - 6
Milch Animals 20
Total 363


Your donations help us serve cattles better. Any donation offered to the organisation is utilised to take care of wounded, ill, sick cattles and other animals. Also to run a veterinary dispensary and work against the spread of disease among the cattle.