Building & Premises

Our Organisation and all buildings in Kolhapur city are situated on 3 Acre land. Which include Eight Cattle sheds(Wards), Office, Dairy, Fertilizer Storage Space, despensary, Warehouses to store grass,/fodder, etc. Besides This in city we have few plots which in total are near about 10 Acre. Also organisation has 400 Acre Land near Jotiba Devasthan for cultivating grass and other feed required for cattle`s at organisation.
In main organisation premises we have Eight Cattle sheds( also called as Wards) amongst which one is named after a late employee Mr. Pandurang Kamble as Pandu Ward, he served the organisation for his whole life.
The warehouses we have are large in size with capacity of 6,00,000 Pendi of Grass/Straw and 2 truck Bhusa(Fodder).
We have our own borewell and Muncipal water supply in organisation. Our Dispensary is well equiped to take good care of cattles, also external cattle`s, Also external cattle`s, any other animals, birds are cured with love and care with low cost or free.
Also there is a temple of Shree Krushna in our premises.

Organisation cattle shed area

To keep the crows/birds away from the cattles, we have CD`s/DVD`s tied every whrere. This technique keeps the crows away as the fear of reflection created from CD`s/DVD`s

Cattle sheds are equiped with Fans for fresh air.

Our Dispensary.


Your donations help us serve cattles better. Any donation offered to the organisation is utilised to take care of wounded, ill, sick cattles and other animals. Also to run a veterinary dispensary and work against the spread of disease among the cattle.